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Day ticket / Season pass on sale

【System Server Maintenance 10/17 21:00~10/18 9:00 Scheduled】
Server maintenance of ticket system is scheduled from 10/17 21:00~10/18 9:00.
Please note that you cannot purchase at WEB SHOP during this time.

*please set so that you can receive the following
*Be sure to go to the purchase completion screen , download the displayed receipt, and if you chose to receive a QR code, also download the QR code to confirm your purchase.

If you have not downloaded or received an email, send it to "".
・Name entered at the time of purchase
・Email address entered at the time of purchase
・Date and time of purchase (approximate is fine)
・Type and number of lift tickets purchased
Please send the above information by E-mail.

1day ticket

■You can buy lift tickets for multiple people at one shopping trip.
■Each customer's IC card can be used for 1-5 days.
*You don't have to use it on consecutive days. You can use it on any day of the 23-24 season.
*If you use the product for more than 5 days, please purchase 1 to 5 days in combination.
*Multiple people cannot be combined into one IC card. If you want to use them separately, please buy multiple one-day tickets.
■If you have an IC card, "charge your IC card" and go straight to the lift!
■If you don't have an IC card, please purchase it with "Receive QR Code" and pick up a new IC card at the local ticketing machine.
■Tickets can pick up in either the Bandai or Urabandai areas. *To issue a new card, a deposit of 500 jpy per card is required separately at the time of purchase.
■Date Of Birth
Kids : 2011/4/2〜2017/4/1 Students :2005/4/2〜2011/4/1

↓↓ Until Nov. 30th ↓↓